5 Reasons to Outsource Software Development

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Still in 2019, the outdated myths about outsourcing are preventing some businesses from reaching full potential, and from staying ahead of the competition—essential in a challenging market. The most common misperceptions are loss of control and loss of Intellectual Property.

DHL Global Connectedness Index demonstrates that the world ended 2017 more globalized than ever before. Recent data suggests that this growth continued through 2018. The flow of information shows the most growth overtime at 250% ahead of trade, capital, trade and people in 2017. The biggest winners regardless of whether globalization goes up or down, are likely to be companies that embrace globalization’s complexity rather than purely local or global visions of their business environments. (Harvard Business Review, Feb 2019)

Dmitri Adov, Technical Director of Software Country—a multi-million-pound custom software development company working extensively with Fortune 500 companies—breaks down the top reasons to outsource software development, and how Software Country brings them to life:

1. Cost savings 
Not only are the salary overheads with an outsourcing company usually lower than in the UK or US; hiring an outsourced service provider also reduces internal hiring costs.

2. Flexibility
We offer different service models depending on the client’s requirements. Our developers can be an extension of the core team, work as an independent unit, or project basis. It’s also a benefit to have a choice of financial models: fixed price or time & material.

3. Increased talent pool and quality 
The top 3 technology universities ranked internationally are local so we have ample choice of the highest level talent—our developers are cherry-picked from the best—and now have 500+ top developers.

4. Transparency and data integrity
Widespread online conferencing and agile project management have removed the barriers to ensure easy live communication and visibility. As a company specializing in complex web solutions, big data, AI and machine learning, for us GDPR compliancy, ISO27001 certification and NDAs are a necessity so that’s another thing our clients don’t need to concern themselves with.

5. More time for important stuff
Clients and their employees can focus on driving the business with new initiatives that will give the company an edge in the market.

In the words on Peter Drucker, the world-renowned management guru, ‘Do what you do best and outsource the rest’.

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