Corporate Social Responsibility

At Software Country, we know that small changes can have a big impact. From the way we source our office supplies to the energy we consume, we believe that small actions can lead to real social and environmental benefits. That’s why we are constantly learning and taking action towards fostering community engagement, environmental sustainability and economic development.

Professional Development

SoftwareCountry takes an active role in helping its employees plan and develop their careers. To this purpose, we reserve a part of the budget to ensure that most of our staff can update their skills every one or two years. Usually, the decision on the determination of training needs is made at the department/project team level within a defined budget. At the company level, we retrain employees and improve their competencies by organising and facilitating their participation in workshops, forums, seminars and conferences.

Diversity and Inclusion

We believe that supporting all people and promoting inclusion makes the world a better place for all. We know through experience that different ideas, perspectives and backgrounds create a stronger and more creative work environment that delivers better results. We hire and promote employees and cooperate with partners without regard to their race, religion, national origin or citizenship status, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, pregnancy, age or disability. 

Internships for Students

Since 2000, SoftwareCountry has offered students the opportunity to gain direct practical experience through internships. Working alongside industry experts, our interns learn new skills, make valuable connections and solve real-life problems for our clients. The best students receive job offers, while the rest obtain invaluable experience and practical knowledge. We wrote a blog post on how we make the most of an internship

Healthy Life

We provide our employees with opportunities to stay fit and healthy through medical care programmes and recreational and health-promoting events. All of SoftwareCountry’s employees are entitled to comprehensive medical insurance, and we also continue to provide an injured or sick employee with their full pay for 30 days. Workplace safety is also of the utmost importance. We are committed to compliance with all safety regulations and governmental requirements.  


In view of the COVID-19 epidemic, we implemented the following special measures:

  • During quarantine, all employees had been working remotely.
  • After the end of the quarantine, all our employees could choose whether to continue working remotely (either full- or part-time) or from the office.
  • We provide personal protective equipment, such as free face masks, medical gloves and hand sanitisers.
  • We have increased the frequency and intensity of cleaning at all sites, including regular sanitisation of door handles, light switches and other high touch areas.
  • We also provide our employees with free COVID-19 testing.

Environmental Responsibility

We believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to contribute to sustainable, environmentally friendly practices. We understand that even the smallest changes can go towards making a big difference in our organisation.  

Right now, we adhere to several rules:

  • Reducing direct energy consumption by using energy-effective equipment and a daily conscious approach to our office premises.
  • Replacing business travel with video conferencing, telephone conversations or other digital approaches whenever possible.
  • Collecting used batteries, office material and waste for recycling to minimise landfill disposal.
  • Reducing the use of paper at work when possible, for example, by resorting to electronic documents instead of hard copies.
  • Collecting obsolete, broken or end-of-life electronic devices and sending them for recycling.

Sustainability Policy Updates

We aim at continuous improvement and annually review our sustainability policy. We introduce corresponding updates to the policy and additionally monitor whether our sustainability aims, and business goals are aligned.

Software Country has been awarded for performance in corporate social responsibility with a bronze medal by EcoVadis. We are honoured to receive this recognition from EcoVadis and remain committed to the continuous improvement of our social, economic and environmental practices.