The SoftwareCountry team has been creating learning games and innovating in education technology for over 15 years. We have a passion for learning, and we want your users to become passionate about it too.

Things We Can Do

  • 2D games development
  • Scripts for the games
  • Intuitive user interface design
  • Customisation to your corporate branding
  • Game tech support

Games Portfolio

Cybersecurity & Data Awareness Test
Evaluate learning effectiveness with custom-designed quizzes and assessments for specific learning needs.
Most cybersecurity testing for employees is dull and boring. When employees are bored, they can’t engage with the content. Instead, they focus on memorising ‘correct answers’ rather than really understanding the underlying principles. To address this problem, we have created a cybersecurity and data awareness quiz that is both exciting and engaging.



Engaging interface

By employing gameplay methods over traditional approaches, we make the process of cybersecurity awareness testing more engaging.



Gamification captures the employees' attention and awards them for successfully passing tests, which motivates them to learn further.


Player rating

The player rating system provides each player with an accurate measure of their skill level and position among their peers.


Automated workflow

Our test performs the simulations automatically, so you do not need any dedicated internal resources.



Tests the level of data and cyber security knowledge in an engaging and accessible way

Optimised for smartphones and accessible on any internet-enabled device

Zero preparation needed—users can just open the quiz and jump straight into a game

Tested through feedback sessions with our employees

Technology Stack


2D art


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