People Counting and Traffic Analysis System

Application Development, UI/UX Design
.NET Core, Vue.js, Azure

Our client provides a complex solution for people counting and traffic analysis, consisting of 3D or Wi-Fi sensors and a web-based platform. The system is used to measure customer traffic in retail chains, shopping malls, public institutions, and many more.

Business Challenge

Every business with a physical space can derive significant advantages from using traffic analysis technology. Accurate footfall measurements allow you to:

  • increase conversion rate
  • improve staff scheduling
  • redistribute traffic
  • measure marketing effectiveness
  • boost customer satisfaction.

Therefore, the more analytics on customers’ shopping behaviours is available in the people counting platform, the more invaluable asset it becomes to companies.

Taking this into account, our client needed to extend its platform with new sophisticated data reports and improve the quality of software architecture using more advanced technologies.


We have been involved in the development of the client’s application for the last eight years. The first phase of our collaboration included rewriting the web platform using ASP.NET MVC. We were also in charge of developing the UX design of the platform in 2014–2015.

But a year ago our team and the client jointly decided to build a new version of the software with .NET Core technology and a modern UI framework Vue.js. This shift allowed us to create a modern lightweight application with a simple yet powerful user interface.

We have also implemented a number of user-friendly reports to meet the needs of our client. Here is just a few of them:

Real time report

The report displays visitor traffic and occupancy in real time. The alerting system can be activated if the occupancy exceeds a predetermined threshold.

Real time report

Heat map report

Heat map solution shows how many shoppers passed from any point of the store, where they stopped, and helps identify overloaded and more walkable areas.

Heat report

Peak visits report

Shows periods in which the stores receive the most traffic and have the biggest sales opportunities.

Peak visits

Dwell time report

Shows the amount of time customers spend in a specific zone, which helps identify the best- and worst-performing areas of the store.

Dwell time report

Personal Planning

Allows the client to plan the working hours of their employees.

Personal planner

Software Country's team was fully responsible for UX design, graphical design, implementation, testing, and deployment of the application.

Learn more about the mall traffic visualizations from our article: Interactive map of shopping mall on HTML5 canvas.

Results & Benefits

Our developers have built a web platform with more performant technology, created UX, and extended functionalities that cover the needs of almost any type of company. This web application allows users to collect and understand valuable information about customers and make better business decisions.

Our cooperation with the client continues as we keep improving the platform.

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