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Blog Post How to Stop Getting Lost among Multiple Figma Mockups
August 20, 2021
In a large project, one does not only need to remember all mockup versions, but also store them in a file. The article tells about versioning tools in Figma.
Blog Post Creating Truly Reliable Plugins Based on the Managed Add-In Framework
July 06, 2021
For one of our projects, Managed Add-In Framework (hereinafter MAF) became the best option for implementation of diverse customer requirements. Here are some nuances of working with MAF.
Blog Post Testing Strategy in a Short-Term Project
May 12, 2021
The strategies and testing tactics used for long-term projects are not very suitable for small ones. Here we show, how to design a testing strategy for a short-term project and put it into practice.
Blog Post Action Filters to Create Cleaner Code
January 25, 2021
There are many ways to solve the annoying problem of duplicate code. In this post, we show how action filters can be used to clean up the code.
Blog Post Understanding Workflow: Why It Matters and How to Change It
December 08, 2020
In this article, we will analyse a few simple examples that demonstrate how a workflow may look, what its common practices are, when it is needed and how to change it.
Blog Post The Evolution of LMS Release Management and Its Benefits
November 19, 2020
This article illustrates how the release process of the high-load platform was transformed from occasional and costly releases to more frequent and predictable ones.
Blog Post Good vs Bad Design
October 28, 2020
This article may help product managers, developers and junior designers learn basic usability rules and recognise common design mistakes.
Blog Post Internships for IT Students—How We Make Them the Most Effective
September 30, 2020
The most important and useful subtle aspects of conducting student internships, thanks to which our internships are as useful and effective as possible for all the participants.
Blog Post Little Secrets of Testing a Large LMS
September 09, 2020
Our way to enact optimal process organisation; how we decided to use monthly releases and successfully adapted our process to the quarantine conditions.